Opportunities for 2 young FR<>EN biactive interpreters

New in Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course since 2012

As an innovation since the 2012 edition of the Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course, we have decided to relax our entry requirements concerning a maximum of two (out of twenty-seven) student slots, which will be earmarked exclusively for young interpreters with a FR<>EN biactive profile. For these students, the customary criterion of a minimum of 40 days of booth experience will be waived, and the two candidates will need instead to meet the following criteria:

  • Be recently qualified from a recognized interpreting school, or be in the final year of their studies in a Masters or postgraduate programme
  • Have been awarded an average mark of 14/20 or 70% in interim or final interpretation exams
  • Have both French and English as ‘A’  languages, or one of these as a ‘B’ (regardless of whether the student has in fact followed a biactive training programme)
  • Take part in a telephone interview with a CCIC director

Our goal here is to extend the opportunity of CCIC participation to promising young interpreters who might fit the biactive employment profile of NATO, the OECD or the Brussels and Paris FR<>EN markets. In doing so, we recognize that outstanding student- or recently-qualified interpreters, who combine a professional approach and commitment to the profession with unusually high language skills, represent a truly promising future for the interpreting profession.

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2024 session dates

4 – 17 August 2024

Working languages for this session

English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian.

Course Venue

Hilton Cambridge City Centre
Downing St,
Cambridge CB2 3DT,
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Biactive Young Interpreter Places

There are two student places available for young interpreters with a FR<>EN biactive profile.
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2025 session dates

3 – 15 August 2025

European Center
for Security Studies

Development Bank

Organisation for the Prohibition
of Chemical Weapons

Economic Community
of West African States