Target audience

Experience shows that those who derive the most benefit from the Course include:

  • Interpreters who wish to practice and perfect new language combinations
  • Interpreters who teach or translate and who, due to time constraints, find themselves increasingly unable to maintain their skills
  • Working interpreters who have had little formal training, and desire objective, in-depth, professional advice and feedback
  • Young interpreters who have limited working experience since graduation, but who obtained exceptional results in interpreting school final examinations.


The Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course is not an interpreting school, and students are expected to be capable of working at a professional level.

2024 Info at a Glance…

2024 session dates

4 – 17 August 2024

Working languages for this session

English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Course Venue

Hilton Cambridge City Centre
Downing St,
Cambridge CB2 3DT,
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Biactive Young Interpreter Places

There are two student places available for young interpreters with a FR<>EN biactive profile.
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2025 session dates

3 – 15 August 2025